How much is YOUR XRP worth?



This calculator is based on the valuation model developed by Susan Athey (Board of Directors, Ripple) and Robert Mitchnick (Stanford Graduate School of Business) in the paper A Fundamental Valuation Framework for Cryptoassets

For additional description of each parameter, please refer to the About section.

Please enter your expected estimates below and click on "Calculate".

e.g. $15 trillion = 15, $500 billion = 0.5 | ACI = $14 trillion per day, SWIFT = $5 trillion per day

e.g. 0.5 days = 0.5, 10 days = 10 | Suggested range: 0.5 days - 10 days

e.g. $15 trillion = 15, $500 billion = 0.5, | Gold = $8 trillion, Stock markets = $70 trillilonm, Derivatives = $630 trillion

e.g. 5 years = 5, 10 years = 10 | Brad Garlinghouse: "3-5 years"

e.g. 40 billion = 40, 60 billion = 60 | Circulating supply including escrow released

e.g. 5% = 5, 10% = 10

About the calculator

Total estimated daily transaction volume (in trillions USD): As partnerships are announced or anticipated, take expected proportion of daily transaction volume that will be bridged by XRP.

Average time (in days) between transactions per one XRP: This is average days elapsed before one XRP is transacted. For example, if you hold XRP for 1 year, this value will be 365 days. However, banks will potentially transact a single XRP multiple times a day potentially in the order of billions or trillion dollars per day, bringing this average time down.

Store of Value in USD (in trillions): As XRP becomes more valuable with increasing utility and trust, more and more people will hold XRP like digital gold. This is the total sum of all XRPs held as store of value and not frequently transacted.

Duration at which above volumes are estimated to be reached (in years): The expected time at which the estimated daily transaction volume and the size of store of value are anticipated to be reached.

Circulating supply of XRP at the above duration (in billions): This is the expected circulating supply of XRP at the above duration in years.

Interest rate to discount from this duration to present time (in percent whole number): This is the likely average per annum interest rate that is expected to be earned between now and the above duration in years, which is then used to discount the value XRP from that duration to the present time.